Generative AI in the Classroom, Part 1

TeachTech Workshop

This workshop is designed to equip faculty with the necessary skills and knowledge to begin integrating Generative Artificial Intelligence into the classroom setting and considering its impact on students and instructions. Suggestions for discussing GenAI with students and guidance on writing a GenAI syllabus statement are explored in this workshop. This workshop also offers ideas for designing assignments in a GenAI era, ranging from (re)designing assignments to integrating GenAI into assignments. U-M GPT demonstrations will be included in this workshop.  

Recommended Prerequisites: Generative AI Basics

Workshop Outline:

  • Can GenAI complete my assessment? How will GenAI affect my courses?
  • Talking about GenAI with students
  • GenAI syllabus statements
  • Designing assignments in a GenAI era
  • Resources and Support

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Level: Beginner

Trainer: Angela Marocco and Jennifer Love

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