Boosting Teaching and Work Productivity with Generative AI

TeachTech Workshop

Ready to transform your teaching and work tasks and free up valuable time? Join our interactive workshop and discover how Generative AI (GenAI) tools can streamline your approach to teaching tasks, work tasks, course data, and administrative tasks. Get ready to boost your productivity and gain more time to engage with your students! 

Recommended Prerequisites: Generative AI Basics and Generative AI with U-M GPT (or Generative AI in the Classroom, Part 2)

Workshop Outline:

  • Effortless course content creation: Learn how GenAI can help you create materials, such as slides and content for your Canvas pages/courses.
  • Streamlined data analysis: Explore techniques for analyzing data and summarizing academic materials.
  • Hands-on experience: Get comfortable using GenAI tools through practical hands-on exercises.
  • Peer insights: Participate in discussions and learn best practices for integrating GenAI in higher education.  

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Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Trainer: Nichole Marbury and Jennifer Love

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