Leveraging Generative AI to Create Imagery

TeachTech Workshop

Spark your Digital Creativity! Curious about Generative AI and how it’s integrated into Adobe products? Learn how to write descriptive prompts to quickly and easily generate extraordinary image content with Adobe Firefly and DALL-E 3 in U-M GPT. No experience is needed. As a reminder, Michigan is an Adobe Creative Campus which gives students, faculty, and staff access to Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Stock for free! 

Recommended Prerequisite: Generative AI Basics

Workshop Outline:

  • GenAI overview
  • GenAI text to image creation
  • Imagery prompting
  • U-M GPT Dall-E 3
  • Adobe Firefly overview
  • Firefly demo and hands-on exercises
    • Text to image and Generative fill
  • Adobe resources

To ensure a smooth start and make the most of our session, we highly recommend logging into Adobe Firefly at least 15 minutes before the workshop begins.

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Level: Beginner

Trainer: Kristine Towne, Angela Marocco

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