Master the Art of Prompting with U-M GPT

TeachTech Workshop

Learn to prompt effectively using U-M GPT by exploring techniques for GenAI prompt engineering. This workshop offers hands-on activities and advanced applications in conversation manipulation and creative AI interaction. Dive deep into conversational prompts, rephrasing prompts, prompt style and tone, inserting text/data, and much more on your way to becoming a master of AI prompt engineering. 

Recommended Prerequisites: Generative AI Basics and Generative AI with U-M GPT

Workshop Outline:

  • Recap of U-M GPT 
  • Prompt literacy recap
    • Author, audience, and purpose
  • Effective text/data input into U-M GPT
    • Tips & Tricks
    • Data examples
    • Images with U-M GPT DALL-E 3 (Image generator)
  • Prompt Engineering- Hands-On Opportunities:
    • Conversations/Length
    • Rephrase/New Chat
    • Specified Style/Tone

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Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Trainer: Jennifer Love, Sarah Noah and Monica Hickson

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